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Beechelle_UK lipglosses

Roomies! Here you are reading another lip gloss review. I believe my last one; if I’m not mistaken was a while ago. Beechelle recently launching their cosmetics could not have come any sooner.

Thank you to Beechelle_UK for sending me these wonderful glosses!

Let’s begin.

About Beechelle_UK

Beechelle is a cosmetics company who launched last month. It provides lip glosses that are:

Vegan ✅

Gluten free ✅

Paraben free ✅

Their aim is to provide their customers with high end glosses for cheaper prices.

The ‘Me Collection’ consist of 4 nude lip glosses:

Hold me

Hug me

Touch me

Kiss me

Beechelle Cosmetics personally handpicked ‘Kiss me’ + ‘Hug me’ and sent both to me. After wearing them I’ve fallen in love with both glosses daily and think they’re worth a review. Beechelle's colour selection runs on the neutral side of the spectrum.

Kiss me and Hug me is a plumping lip gloss with instant full coverage. Both are hydrating and provide a smooth feeling on my lips. It also provides a weightless feel as the lip gloss is not heavy. The glosses come with a flat lip applicator which is sturdy and provide an lovely aroma - reminds me of something sweet (just like candy) which I love btw!😍

Because of the neutral colours each gloss cam be worn for every occasion! Either alone with a liner or used for a combination look, it all depends on your own abilities to mix and match as well as preference.


Kiss me consist of a nude pink

Hug me consist of a nude brown

Lip swatches on bare lips with 531 Liner by Kiko:


'Hug Me'
'Kiss Me'

'Kiss Me'


Overall it is a thumbs up from me, as I enjoy both glosses. However, I LOVE 'Kiss Me' the most. Usually I find pink glosses can be a bit harsh for darker complexions. But, Kiss me is far from that. As you can see in the image above, I love how it compliments my skin beautifully especially when I line it with a brown or plump lip liner to create an amazing combo.

ps. I have a video showcasing both glosses *click here*


Between 2-3 days 💥


IG: Beechelle_UK

Twitter: Beechelle_UK

Twitter: Beechelle_UK

Thank you for reading Roomies until my next post! Follow Thebeautyroomm_ on IG 💗



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