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Bronzer for brown/darkskin babes - in the shade 'Ebony' by Covergirl

I believe this blog review comes at the right time, as we are approaching the fall/winter season. Therefore, an extra glow will do us black beauties some good.

What is the difference between bronzer and contour?

As you should know, contouring creates a defined shadow to a face – enhancing or creating an illusion to your cheek bones and structuring your face into a slimmer look.

Bronzing takes on a different effect, its purpose is to create a warm glow and a natural look. Imagine yourself on vacation soaking up the sun whilst it's giving you a beautiful tan – yep, that’s exactly it. The right bronzer warms up the perimeter of our face i.e. where the sun hits.

Recently, I’ve been bored by shadow matte look that contouring creates and instead would rather glow all year round. I’ve opted out from contouring and replaced it with my cruelty free “Ebony’ Full Spectrum Expert Bronzer by CoverGirl - just to let you know it’s a product named after me x.

About ‘Ebony’ Bronzer by CoverGirl – what I use

To add colour to the perimeter of my face I use the Covergirl bronzer in the shade ‘Ebony’ which was previously discontinued but recently brought back as a new formula. The ‘Ebony’ bronzer is a deep chocolate that falls into the reddish side of the range with a light shimmer but without the shine. I love how the bronzer creates the right balance by perfectly flattering different tones.

How to apply

As a black woman we tend to be lighter in centre of our faces whilst it being darker round our faces. After applying foundation, we get that one flawless look. A bronzer helps to bring dimension to our face. I use a large fluffy brush to sweep around “Ebony” and place it on my temples and cheeks (I don’t personally place underneath my jawline as it’s sharp enough in my opinion lol) this instantly gives me an immediate warmth to my face.

After applying the bronzer, I always add on blush either ‘2 bashful’ by Collection, a baby pink undertone or ‘Mellow Wine’ by Wet n Wild, a deep pink toned shimmer.

I would recommend everyone especially my chocolate babies to try out a blush. Don’t fear it embrace it and slay the hell out of it.

Overall Experience

I am so happy that Covergirl brought this bronzer back honestly, I don’t know who in their right mind decided to discontinue this product and to be honest I don’t want to know either. All I know is Covergirl shouldn’t try this stunt again because I’ll be personally knocking on their door lol. The Covergirl bronzer is a product that you keep by your side always. As a black woman, I was finding it difficult to find the right bronzer to bring back colour to my face without making me look too red.

I love how versatile It is; for an everyday look click here --> to view an everyday routine featuring 'Ebony' bronzer.

Pictures below for you to visualise 'Ebony':

Price: £6.59

Store: Amazon

Thank you for reading Roomies - until next time 💗



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