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Welcome back, I have been a bit busy with Law school but here I am multi-tasking for you guys.

Before I start, I would like to thank DearLola for sending me Capri lip gloss and showing support to TheBeautyRoom - this personally means a lot!

Another LiPgLosS rEviEW I hear you complain? YES! I’m coming for all your coins honey! In this post I’ll be reviewing ‘Capri’ from the collection.

But first ...

DearLola is a female black owned businesses that sells lip glosses in dedication to her mother ('Lola') and to demonstrate her gratitude and love for her. This provides a clear and positive framework behind her business.

At this current moment, DearLola has 4 pigmented lip glosses which are cruelty free and organic:

  • New York is a clear glitter shade with baby pink undertone;

  • Capri is a pink/peachy nude shade with shimmers if glitter;

  • 90's baby is a rich brownish nude; and

  • Easy a is a pigmented rich deep pink with red undertone.

DearLola was lovely enough to send me Capri and sis, it has definitely won me over! Why? First of all, it’s pigmented (this is key!), glossy and smells amazing.

GLITTER??? *souljasvoice*

I noticed Capri has hint of purple and pink glitter creating a hologram effect; which is a whole m o o d.

Glitter on my lips? Sis not just anybody can kiss you with Capri on btw, it's too elite for that now - I’m on a new level *Asap Ferg voice* no cap.🧢

DearLola was smart with this strategic move as it ensures the glosses stand out within the cosmetic market - cheers to that 🥂

Bubblegum flavour scent??

The gloss has got a bubblegum scent - I had to resist myself from having a taste (like just that one time when I was younger and the washing powder smelt so good but I needed will power to resist from having a taste.... erm... no, I’m not weird x) because it smells that good!

Staying power

I wore Capri for a few hours and I found myself having to top up a couple of times. However, majority of the time it was after a meal or a drink (this is reasonable, as it is a gloss after all).

How to wear

Capri is a cheeky nude gloss which makes it versatile for any occasion.

I wore Capri with a KIKO 531 brown liner (for visuals head over to IG: thebeautyroomm_ and shop.dearlola).

Images below with two different lightings.

Tip: For a glossier look, add a clear gloss on top - as it works out perfectly without Capri separating on your lips.


Capri is in a clear cylinder bottle with a dome that has a silver lid. It was placed and secured in a matte black box with ‘DearLola’ written in a white font. The box wasn’t anything different - just plain & simple which does provide a sophisticated effect. I do wish DearLola played around with the packaging a bit more to demonstrate its creative side. I personally love packaging and believe that to be important for a brand to consider. However, It came with a cute message which I found really sweet and engaging!

Will I be a returning customer?

I enjoyed Capri due to its pigmentation, smell and glitter. I’ll definitely recommend you Roomie's to check out ‘New York’ which will become my next baby.

I’ll be returning as you can never have enough of different shades of nude. If you’re a lip gloss addict, you’ll understand that every nude gloss is different in its own way. It may seem similar to what you already own but trust me Roomie's, it isn’t.

Price: £8 ('Capri, 90's Baby+ Easy a')| £9 ('New York')

Delivery: 0.90/1.50p

IG: @Shop.dearlola

Shop here:



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