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Eyelash Extensions Review|by TheBeautyRoom

At times mascara does not fulfil its role and our natural lashes just doesn’t cut it.

The lashes I will be reviewing are from my favourite Instagram eyelash companies. The application is easy and they are light on the eyes.


The lashes below are all applied the same way.

Trim each lash band to your eye-shape to ensure the extra bits do not create an uncomfortable feeling.


The perfect thing about lashes is the fact that they can be re-worn. I would recommend you use micellar water to remove any makeup/dirt from the lash and then leave to air dry.

As of recent I have become fairly obsessed with these lashes below. I have worn them repeatedly; and now it's time to briefly share my obsessions with you.



Amoura Lashes provides 100% real 3D Mink handcrafted eyelashes.

Purchase: Tokyo x Tinkerbell from the Introductory Collection.


Volume based wispy lashes aims at providing a dramatic focus to the eye.

This lash is top 2, and it isn’t number 2.

My absolute fav from their collection, why? It’s dramatic, bold and flirtatious.

The best combo e v e r.

Tokyo has no critique from me - that's how in love I am.


A sultry lash with a natural wisp, described as a perfect universal look, as it can be worn whenever, for whoever and however on any occasion. It is your go to day to day lashes!

Light weight, lustrous and just so cute.

As I have almond shaped eyes, on a night out I want a lash that brings enough attention to my eyes. However, I find Tinkerbell does not provide enough focus on my eyes as the lash is on the lighter side of the spectrum. I would prefer a lash that is much more fuller - to bring more attention to my eyes. Which is why I described it to be a day to day lash extension.


Tokyo And Tinkerbell were stored and delivered in a separate black and gold rectangle shaped box. There’s a sweet bible quote placed in the box, which I love.

I stan a box with a meaningful message whilst slaying the hell out of her lashes.

IG: Amouralashesuk

Price: £8.00+ £1,99 delivery



Ceeluxebeauty is a black owned business that provide a cruelty free, customised lashes that are beautifully handmade.

Purchase: Gemini x India x Caress


Mid-length lash that creates a cat eye effect.

Rather than a solid lash line, the lashes are grouped in small sections, shaped to give a natural up-and-down finish.


These create a natural eye look. They are light enough for a casual daytime wear, giving a little extra thickness and length without being obvious.

India is still on the light side of the spectrum (as Tinkerbell by AmouraLashes) which doesn't fully flatter my eyes personally. However, the lash itself differs as it is sharper and bolder to the eye. It provides a fuller effect with an illusion of in-depth volume.


Thick, fluffy and bold; perfect for big nights out and occasions involving glitter or a cut crease offering a sexy cat eye finish.

I love the the thickness of Caress and the attention it brings to my eye's. However, personally I did find it a bit heavy towards the side (or edge) of my lashes.


India, Gemini and Caress are stored and delivered in a pink diamond shaped box, with glitter on the side. This gives an extra girly vibe, it goes well with the focus of the brand.

IG: Ceeluxebeauty

Price: Vary on each lash + Delivery £1.99



Lashed|London offer faux mink and silk eyelashes. They have a range of light and wispy, long and voluminous lashes.

Purchase: Wicked


The shape of these faux mink lashes caught my eye instantly. These lashes are grouped in smaller section’s creating a bolder look on the eye. Wicked most definitely caught my eye based on how each lash is grouped together. I enjoy wearing them as it fulfils its role by drawing attention to my eyes due to the boldness of the lashes.

Comparing Wicked to the other eyelash brands above, the band of the lashes was my least favourite. As it was a bit difficult and it took a moment for me to place the lashes on my eyes.


I’m a sucker for packaging and its another reason why I had to purchase these lashes. Lashed|London stored and delivered WICKED

in a black and rose gold diamond shaped box Which I adore.

IG: LashedLondon

Price: £5.00


How to pick the right eyelashes

To help pick the right lashes for your eyes, I have found these charts below to help with your choices.



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