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Finessing the Lash Game by Maison.Niche

Roomies! Remember a time I said my reviews are here to make you spend your coins whilst looking good doing so, well I didn't lie as I am back again with another lashes review *rubs hands like Birdman*. Before I start, a quick thank you to Maison.Niche for sending me lashes from their 18mm-20mm Mink Lashes collection.

Maison.Niche | Cruelty-free 🐰

Established in 2017, Maison. Niche is a luxury hair and lashes brand dedicated to providing affordable luxury products - essentially what you receive is worth your money.

Products consist of 18-22mm Mink lashes and 100% luxury virgin hair with length ranging from 24 - 40" allowing their business stand out from the hair industry. As most hair businesses find it hard to stock lengthy and quality hair. So, if you're in need of trying something new and want to be on Nicki Minaj's vibe, for an affordable price this is where you need to go.

Now, are you ready? Get set? Let's go!

Maison. Niche sent me a mini goodie bag that consisted of:

  1. durable long-lasting metallic lash applicator;

  2. clear/white fast-drying eyelash glue; and of course

  3. eyelashes named 'thicc' stored in a pink bouji lash case with a compact mini mirror.

About 'thicc'

They have 6 available lashes and I was sent 'thicc' out of the 18-22 mm Mink collection. I chose 'thicc' as I considered it to be the fiercest out of the collection. Due to its sharp and tapered edges whilst staying fluffy all round. Each eyelash has a thin but strong and secure band that is wearable for a good amount of times.

Maison.niche sell long-lasting lashes as I have worn 'thicc' multiple times and still looks brand new. Thicc is perfect for a neutral glam shown in my latest video bringing you the right attention and focus to your eyes. I personally have not got a bad thing to say about these lashes even after wearing them for a numerous of times I.e 5x. ’Thicc’ has become my go to lashes based on how quick and easy the application has been. Especially the lightweight feel each lash gives (as I dislike the heavy feeling lashes provides) whilst displaying the full and fluffy effect.


I used Maison. Niche non-tacky/messy eyelash glue to apply the lashes using their easy to use metallic lash applicator. It takes about 60s for the lash glue to dry and another 60s to put them on.

Price: £9.95

Shipping: £2.99


Thank you for reading Roomies and see you at my next post!

For any Collab/PR email


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