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Makeup Tips and Tricks with TheBeautyRoom


1. Concealer: When concealing do not apply a massive amount of product under your eye. It becomes a hassle to blend and you end up blending it further down your face to reduce the harsh line, when it was only meant for under your eye. Resulting, in majority of your face covered in concealer.

Remember less product is more > providing you with a soft natural’ look.

2. Concealing the top of your eyebrows: please please please, define the top of your brows to a similar shade as your skin. It’ll give a softer look instead of an extra defined brow, especially if you’re using a darker pencil.

The concealer should not be 2 shades lighter than your skin tone, leave that in the past sis and move into the future x

3. Priming eyes for eye shadows: Priming is an important feature for your eyes, as it controls the oils your eyelid produces. Make sure you prime your eyes for your eye shadows not to crack and crease but instead stay on for longer.

Also, for your eye shadow to have an extra effect and hold you can choose not to set it.

4. Baking: the longer you bake your highlight, the lighter it gets. Just in case you’re wondering why you’ve suddenly ended up lighter aha x

5. Natural light is important: to make sure your makeup is looking right, check it under a natural light. Again, this sounds like common sense but I’ve seen a few do not apply this to their life clearly, because you still end up with flash back when taking pictures (yeah, I said it and I am not taking it back).

6. Applying blush: Make sure to smile, then dust the apples of your cheeks, then sweep pigment towards the tops of ears, then down toward the jawline.

7. If your face is lighter than your neck, creating an ‘oompa Loompa effect’: Grab your beauty blender and your foundation, blend the shade down your neck. This is to fade the colour as you go and remove the line around your jaw area. Yet, again I see a few people forgetting to blend their jawlines, it is important people.

8. Use lip pencils instead of lipsticks for a long lasting colour: Reapplying your lipsticks can be annoying, so instead find a colour of your choice, line your lips then pencil on its side to continue filling in the rest of your lips.



1. How to draw on the perfect eyebrows? Make sure when drawing on your brows, you line it up with the end of your eye. If your eyebrows are longer than your eyes, just know you’ve gone too far. Can’t lie I have seen some shape them a bit too far, please stop and embrace this technique.

2. How do I stop the crease from appearing under my eye? Well sis make sure you look up when blending under your eye, as it’ll stop the crease from appearing.

3. Does your eyelash seem to annoyingly poke your eyes out all day and night? Always size your lashes. As you purchase new lashes, you need to measure it to your natural lash. Cut of the extra front and end bit to merge with your natural eyelashes, thank me later x

4. Finding it hard to apply your lashes? Make sure you look down whilst doing so, it’ll help whilst placing on your lashes.

5. Do you have pigmented lips? Use an orange colour corrector to even it out. This will balance out and create even tones on your lips, then apply on the lipstick/gloss of your choice. Do not hate it until you try it sis x

6. Have you got oily skin and want to reduce it? After priming your face apply your setting powder all over before applying your foundation, you will see the difference.

7. Want your highlight to glow even more? Apply it the first time, spray your setting spray. And apply it again till it pops hunny, yassssss. However, keep calm with the shimmer please.

8. Does your eyebrows tend to get oily or disappear? Set your eyebrows with powder, a decent amount please (unless you want to struggle with blending?).

9. Want your lipstick to pop and stay on for longer? This may sound obvious, but line your lips please, we are not in the middle ages anymore give that up sis! Instead, line it with a nice brown colour and apply your lipstick of your choosing.

10. Want your collar bones to standout, especially when wearing off shoulder? Apply your fav highlight, on your collar bones to make them pop.

11. Do you want your eyes to pop but don’t like the winged liner look? Well then babes, just line your eyes normally with a black pencil and it’ll make your eyes stand out.

12. Does your contour give out a harsh line? Make sure when applying your powder or cream contour, you apply it with a fluffy brush in a circular motion.


That is it lovelies, I hope my tips and tricks is something you will be able to apply towards your daily routines. Try them out and let me know how it goes by following and commenting on my Instagram @Thebeautyroomm_ post.

Until my next posts x



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