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Nip + Fab makeup 02 Blushed Brights Palette

So Roomies, we all love a blush right? Who needs a man to make you blush when the Nip + Fab blush palette does just that? Not you right, exactly.

Well, the right type. A blush that adds on a delicate pop of colour to our cheeks. A blush that compliments our skin tone. A blush that is B L A C K girl friendly. A blush that is .... well you get my point. Arguably, Nip + Fab blush palette ticks all these boxes.

I’ve seen this palette at Super drug store or it used by youtuber's such as Tammi Clarke. But I never really thought of buying it until I saw it online for £7.60 on (RRP £10.95) for 4 blushes??? A complete bargain for me.

About Nip + Fab

There are two palettes available, the ‘blushed’ palette is more pink/coral, soft, sweet and delicate - like cotton candy. Compared to the ‘Brights’ palette as it has more vibrant selections (amazing for summer). The palette contains the shades Tickled Pink; a softer pink, Plum Tart; a deep plum shade, Perfect Coral; a lovely glowy orange, Crimson Girl; baby pink with hints of glitter.

They each have a velvety soft touch and a matte finish.

Pigmentation + application

My brush picks a good amount of product. Each colour is super pigmented, as a result the blush does not need to be built up, as a little goes a long way; I dab about once. All 4 colours suit my medium brown skin and will definitely suit a deeper skin tone. It wouldn't suit a fair skin tone as the colours are really bright (Instead try the 'Blushed' palette). Each pressed blush powder has a soft, suede texture that blends gently onto my skin. The colours can be worn individually or you blend them together to create your own preference or customised look. It's like the perfect blush - that doesn't make you look like a clown (as men do that enough - can I get an Amen?)

Throughout my day the product last well and after application there isn't irritation or a weird smell but instead I'm left with a smooth velvety finish. However, as I mentioned be careful because if you mistakenly apply too much product it will require a little more blending.


This blush is a must have as it doesn't make you look ashy; it can be used for everyday make up or for a cheeky night out. I love how it's WOC friendly - as it's usually a task for us to find the right blush shade - it provides a mixture of subtle to bright shades. it's a thumbs up from me!

Bonus* as this is a powder formula it will last longer than a cream blush, which can separate, look oily or fade away.

Store: Superdrug/Boots/Online

Price: Prices can differ but you'll get them cheaper online

Thank you for reading Roomies until TBR's next post - To see the blush in action click here.

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