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Part 1 Skin Care Routine Oil-free: Products I use to keep my face minimum oil free!

Summary of my Battle

As an individual with oily skin, particularly in the T zone area I know the constant pain in trying to keep your makeup oil free.

I have previously tried a few pointless, useless and crazy strategies to reduce excessive oil:

  1. Body cream: I used to use body cream for my face and called it a day (I mean it never specially told me that I couldn’t). Anyhow, this started becoming annoying as during the day (no makeup on of course), I would notice my face would get so oily and it became annoying.

  2. Little to no amount of moisturiser: I have also previously tried, to use the littlest amount of cream for my face as I didn’t want it to get too oily during the day. Yet again, this was a bad move as our faces needs a good amount of moisturiser to maintain its health and hydration.

  3. No moisturiser: Tbh I don't even need to go into how bad this is, do not do it guys. I was dumb aha x

First thing first, you need to tailor your skin care routine to your skin type - in this case oily skin.

So, let’s start.

Skin care routine is important

- Cleanser

A cleanser is used to help reverse the daily effect of makeup and dirt on your skin. Therefore, I made sure to have invested into clean and clear blackhead cleanser (suggested by one of my close friends). Every morning (I try) to cleanse my skin. I didn’t see the importance of doing this before, because I thought showering was enough (it isn’t ladies/gents).

- Toners

A toner is an important factor in a skin care routine, as not only does it re-balance your skin it gives an additional glow, which we all love and want right? Toning, especially for oily skin is amazing as it gives an extra cleansing boost for the long day ahead. Look for an alcohol-free toner to prevent your skin from drying out. The use of this removes oil build up, which is amazing as it reduces our pores. Also, it protects and acts as a moisturiser, providing you with a refreshed skin.

Bonus* it is good for people with acne-prone skin or for people who wants extra cleansing after wearing heavy makeup

My personal faves

Clean and Clear Blackhead Cleanser - Oil free

Recommended by a close friend, I use the Clean and Clear Blackhead Cleanser - Oil free. This has been a lovely product so far, soothing to my skin. I love this product honestly, especially with it fighting off blackheads.

Savers £2.99 / Boots £3.06 / Superdrug £4.59

Witch Hazel

I have heard so many good qualities of this product and decided to add on my own research which has led me here today.

Witch hazel as many qualities for the skin, it’s alcohol free (not prone to dryness or any further irritation)

Bonus* Witch Hazel also helps remove any scarring such as, acne or fades bruises and blemishes. My blemishes have faded so much, it is unbelievable. However, it does not show the effects instantly it does take a while of course before you start seeing the results. Patience is key!

Wilkinson (from the medicine section) £2.00

Face moisturiser

Never skip your moisturiser step during your skin care regime, because even though your skin may produce oil it still needs moisturiser throughout the day to keep hydrated. For oily (or normal) skin find moisturisers than contain glycerine, hyaluronic acid or aloe vera as it provides hydration and a matte finish.

Dual action moisturiser

This moisturiser is created especially for oily skin. This is a light, fast absorbing product that doesn't leave your skin feeling oily. This contains glycerine, an ingredient that supports the skin by not clogging your pores, helps keep it hydrated and fight of spots. This moisturisers feels amazing on my skin, it is a lightweight product with a matte finish and a small amount goes a long way.

My makeup routine cheat code

Now, following through a skin care routine ensures you have a perfect base for your makeup. It also acts as an additional support to reduce the production of oil while wearing makeup. Yet, following a skin care routine is not the only action you have to partake in, as you should ensure your makeup routine e.g. primer and foundation you choose to use is oil free and a find a setting spray on the basis of your skin, whilst topping it off with your favourite powder. This may seem like common sense, but you'll be surprised how much people forget the importance of the products use.

- Primer

Now, let me tell you a secret. For you to have long-wearing makeup perfection on your oily skin, you must keep your sebum (which is what produces your oil) under control. You need to make sure to always purchase primers that fight excess oil, preferably mattifying primers that doesn’t clog or dry out your skin.

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Priming Base

I have been using this primer for a few years now. When applying, it does have a greasy feel on your skin but I love how it changes and operates as a mattifying primer with a velvety touch, minimising shine. It keeps my shine and oil control free for about half a day, until I do have to start touching up. However, this has lasted longer than a few primers that I remember trying.

Check out further reviews on the Superdrug website.

Superdrug £8.99

Bonus* Translucent powder

After I have applied my primer, I SET IT WITH A TRANSLUCENT POWDER. This is how I cheat my oily skin btw, make sure you try this it will change your life aha. Applying a translucent powder to set after you have primed whether it be Ben Nye or Sacha Buttercup etc it doesn’t matter. Grab your powder brush, dab it a lil in the powder and apply it all over, you will see the difference if you don’t take me around a corner and fight me.

- Foundation

A light weighted, oil free foundation is what you need. As it will help with oil control, also when you’re building your makeup for an extra full coverage.

Fenty Long wear foundation

Before I wore Fenty, I was using Mac and aha, let me tell you sis there is a difference sis. The Fenty Long wear foundation, applying it on my face is so light, weightless and there’s no shine (after half a day that changes of course). I believe it adds on to the fact why, my skin reacts beautifully to it. This foundation lasted well, I even wore this during my holiday in Croatia. I do admit, I did have some oil seeping through in some areas but I blotched that up with powder and problem was solved without the foundation coming off.

*Do keep an eye out for a Nars foundation review, if it caters to oily skin x

Harvey Nichols £26

- Setting spray

we all know, that setting spray is an important factor at the end of a makeup routine as it flawlessly sets your makeup and allows it to last a couple extra hours and prevents it from creasing or smudging. Yet, it all depends on what setting spray you choose to use and how it reacts to your skin.

Revolution Pro Fixing Spray

This is a quality, affordable setting spray that will protect your face up to 8 hours during a hot or cold weather. Make sure you shake the bottle before you spray 2-3 times, it makes a difference believe that. As I am part of the oily committee, I personally believe this does a great job for a day or night out, so give it a try and let me know your personal take on it.

Superdrug £5

Before my revolution setting spray, I have previously used the Urban Decay All Nighter spray. This setting spray is just as good but if you want an affordable product, Revolution Pro Fixing Spray is your calling.

Bonus* for the rest of the products e.g. highlights and contour, make sure the products you use is either matte or powder based. Whilst choosing a setting powder you like to set your highlight or your cream contours. For a recommended concealer for oily skin, check out my blog on Revolution and Define Concealer my personal fave.

Thank you for reading. Don't forget to follow my insta: @thebeautyroomm_ to keep updated.

No Shade|Just Beauty x



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