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Part 2 Dry skin care routine: Basic understanding and methods to assist you with your routine

If your facial skin tends to be dry with a tight feeling and rough in some areas this blog post is targeted for you. Read further to gain more information on sensitive skin care tips to assist your skin in becoming healthy and hydrated.

First step: It is best to always try your best in avoiding skin care products that contain irritating ingredients such as perfume, as your skin may also be sensitive.

Why do I have dry skin?

Well lovelies, I have done a bit of research for you and found out that there are external and internal causes that contribute to your issue at hand.

External factors The environment e.g. harsh weather conditions > seasonal changes > UV sunlight

Skin care: Frequent washing (long hot baths or showers) remove liquid that make up the skin barrier which means your face is losing moisture that it needs > inappropriate skin care routine may also be a cause thus finding the products right for you is important.

Internal Factors àGenetics e.g. Hormonal influences >Age>Premature skin aging

(Did you know unprotected exposure to UV light ca increase the rate of skin-aging? Yeah me nether ahaha because I really go on holiday without sunscreen, do you see my life?)

Cleansing dry sensitive skin

Keeping your face clean is IMPORTANT as it removes bacteria, build-up of oil, dead skin cells whilst restoring the moisture that has been lost.

Make sure you clean your face properly once a day, preferably at night before bed as your day has ended and you know you won’t be out again.


Purchase a cleanser that is gentle and does not have alcohol or fragrances, as this dries out your skin even more.

Wash your skin and rinse with warm water > not hot water, I repeat not HOT BOILING WATER (I know some may think washing with hot water till your skin burns means you’ll come out extra clean, I’m sorry to disappoint darling x) as it removes natural oil from your face faster.

Exfoliate once a week to get rid of flaky skin cells as it will make skin clearer, even and bring out a glow and we all want that g l o w baby girl to steal someone’s man with, joking (aha I’m not x).

How will I know the I have used the right cleanser for my skin? Your face should feel soft and not dry > if it feels tight, dryer and irritated make sure you change cleansers.

Tip: Look for soap free on the label of the cleanser you are seeking out.

Hydrating Toners

Purpose of a toner is to give your skin an extra cleanse and even out your complexion. It is a good way to calm your skin -after cleaning, as it soothes it.

Tip: Using micellar water is a lovely way to nourish your dry skin and cleanse in one go. As it purifies and does not dry out your skin like other foam face washes.

Recommended: Garnier Micellar Water sensitive skin, 125ml, £1.99 at Superdrug

Reviews online have stated this product to have lack of scent, which is amazing as there will be less irritation on your skin. It is said not to leave your skin greasy at all but, instead leaving you with a refreshed feeling. (There are different sizes available btw)

Personally, even though I have oily skin it caters to both, I enjoy this product I love how Garnier micellar water is a cleansing water that effectively removes makeup, cleanses and purify my pores all in one go.

Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner

£11.47 on Amazon it is an oil-free alcohol-free toner without stripping its own natural moisturiser, a toning experience without the harsh drying effects of alcohol.

Witch Hazel with Rose oil, is said to be very gentle and soothing as a toner, check online on amazon it ranges from £7-9.

It has been reviewed not to not change the balance or dry out your skin as the Witch hazel is said to have similar PH level to slightly acidic skin.

Make sure you check the label to make sure it is alcohol- free as every product is different.

HOWEVER, there are negative reviews against, on the basis that it is a bit too harsh therefore, it all depends on YOU if you view it to be harsh on your skin FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO USE AT THE STORE.

Dry sensitive skin moisturiser

Moisturising your skin is important for hydration (do not be like them fresh people who believe monitoring your skin is not important, they’re laughing at you secretly).

Use creams instead of > lotions. Creams that contain glycerine are beneficial as it provides the moisture you need for your face.

Again, make sure it is fragrance free as your skin may be easily irritated.

Recommended: Simple Replenishing rich moisture, currently £2.09 at Superdrug.

Provides 12 hours of moisturisation, with replenishing benefits without greasy feeling.

Finally, the secret to healthy skin, is drinking water (whilst minding your business) if you didn’t know, now you do sweetie x



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