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Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer vs LA Girl Concealer.

Forget about La Girl , give the Revolution Concealer a try!

Honestly, it’s not every day LA Girl concealer lol. I have used LA Girl concealer for years, literally the only product I have been using to highlight and contour. There’s nothing completely wrong with the product but I wanted a change. I was introduced to these concealers by my cousins and I thought why not give it a try and I did, and I really like it. Now, here I am reviewing this product for you in hopes to reel you in.

The Revolution and Define Concealer consist of 18 different shade ranges that can be described to compliment cool, neutral and warm undertones. These concealers are fit for fair, medium and dark skin tones.

*The Revolution concealer can be viewed as a dupe for the Tarte shape tape concealer

The concealer is affordable and worth it, especially for the price.

I know economy is tight and not everyone has Mac/ Nars money, so why not enhance your beauty with an affordable product? A concealer other than La Girl.



It is a lightweight but full coverage concealer with its purpose to hide dark circles, cover blemishes or act as a main use to highlight or contour.

Personal experience

The Revolution concealer has more of a matte finish and therefore dries quicker, in comparison to LA Girl concealer that has more of a hydrated finish and doesn’t tend to dry as fast.

Oily skin: The Revolution concealer provides a mattifying effect which is valuable if you have oily skin.

Dry skin: Stay with or try out the La Girl concealer, as it is hydrating and it would be beneficial for a person with dry under eyes.

Revolution C12 vs La Girl Cool Tan

From the La Girl concealer collection I use Cool Tan to highlight, I found the similar shade

in the Revolution collection to be C12.

The C12 is a tiny bit lighter than cool Tan, but honestly it works out the same once it is blended. My C12 is a perfect shade for me to conceal with. It isn’t too light or too dull, it's perfectly the right shade!


C15 - I use as a contour

C0 (white) - I use this as a base for my eye shadows

How to use

My experience using this concealer, I have only had to apply a few dots to my liking and blended it out using a damp beauty blender of course.

First, let me tell you that I love how smooth the concealer is. As soon apply it to my skin, it goes on so smoothly (like literally). I love how reasonably creamy it is, making it easier to blend (a bit better than LA Girl in my opinion) especially with my egg beauty blender (the pink one from Superdrug).

Staying power

As I said before the concealer is full coverage that hides all your blemishes and it sets your makeup in place. It is matte enough for you to decide not to add on powder to set. However, p e r so n a l l y I have oily skin thus, for added staying power I always finish it off with my Sacha Buttercup baking powder and fixing pray (of course) to keep it in check. Finishing it off with my baking powder keeps it intact for the rest of the day (but I do place a few touch ups here and there due to my oily skin, and ridiculous heatwave).


I love how the Revolution Concealer has a foot applicator, giving you control over how much product you want to smoothly apply under your eyes. Compared to LA Girl, I know YOU have been in that position when you lose control by squeezing a bit too hard and more than you expected is left hanging on the brush; leaving you all confused with concealer splashed all over your clothes (loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool yeah, I hate it too!).

*If you tend to wear La Girl concealer daily, but decide you want a change you can easily find a similar shade in the collection to decide what colour suits you.

Price: £4

Store: Superdrug



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