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Revolution Re-loaded Palette - Newtrals 2

Now let me tell you, I am absolutely in L O V E with this amazing palette.

There are 15 different shades in the palette that is lovely for the price.

There is a mixture of neutral, warm and vibrant colours that consist of reds, pinks and burnt orange along with matte and shimmery shades.

I have used these shades to create different looks. The colours are is easy to use, as it blends out amazingly and has lovely pigmentation. Therefore, I do not need to pack on a lot on my eyelids. Revolution has placed these colours together wonderfully as it gives you a chance to create a neutral or a sexy night time look.

Beginner friendly

I do believe this palette is beginner friendly. Even though there are fiery colours, it is always good to go out your comfort zone especially for this summer season. Also, neutral shades are available for your basic looks or blending out shade.

Staying power

For the price of this palette, I am amazed as to how long these colours last on. For a day or a night out these colours stay on all day/all night. It does not fade or show signs of cracks at all.

Palette condition

quality compact lasted for 7 months but the cover has now started to wear out, as it's hanging on one screw lol, but it still fits over the palette as a whole.

Potential looks

Okay Roomies, this palette is enjoyable to create different looks with. As I said before, the colour are exciting providing you the ability to create an amazing night time look.

A night time out look I love to create with this palette is from the red, burnt orange or pinky shades. It gives out a bold, passionate and seductive look alongside reflecting my full personality. The red shade can seem to give off a dark pink vibe, but I guess it is how you mix it to give its end result.

I created a personal look on myself using this palette, whilst using another for the cut crease. A look that you would describe to be for a night out, I went along with for Wizkid's Concert which happened to be during the day/evening. As I planned on being extra lol, I made sure my eyes provided a bold look as I wanted it to be the focus for my face which included my under eyes.

I mean, I wanted to 'stay sexy for daddy' as Wizkid expected me to be (Haters will say I am deluded but I never listen to haters, so why would I start now? x).

Back to the main point, I used the reds heavily in my crease with a flat brush, whilst I blended out the burnt orange shade with a soft fluffy brush. I proceeded to do so only t w i c e (as the colours are pigmented enough for the build-up, in my opinion) I then created a cut crease with my LA Girl concealer and applied a gold shimmer from my Morphe palette on the cut with a flat brush.

Honestly, this was a big W O W for me as it all came together so beautifully and I really didn't expect it to, as it was my first time creating this look.

For my under eyes, I mixed the reds with the burnt orange again on a small makeup brush and applied it t w i c e.

And voila', that was it.

*There are different palettes available with multiple colours (but they didn't appeal to me or were similar to colours I already have but i'll be keeping my eye out for new ones. But you can check them out on the Superdrugs website).

Palette: £4

Store: Superdrug

*Cruelty Free

*Vegan Free

*Gluten Free

PS I am not an MUA lol (maybe in the future) I just enjoy playing with makeup and enhancing my beauty.

Thank you for reading and don't forget to follow thebeautyroomm_ on Instagram to keep yourself updated on more reviews. Also, let me know what you would like to see me review!



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