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Hey Roomies, I guess we should get into it right? Well, The Simani Collection is the b o m b and it consists of 3 cruelty free lip glosses: Vixen, Miami and Kandy. As I am obsessed with nude colours it easily led me on to purchase Miami and Vixen, alongside Kandy as bonus colour for myself.

Currently, this is all I wear (I told you I am obsessed). Both lip glosses are highly glossy (you're probably thinking 'well duhh') but when I mean glossy, I mean it stays on consistently. As each gloss is amazing in pigmentation, you can apply the gloss about once or twice to your preference. Maybe you want a full on look or maybe a gloss that is

barely there, it's all up to you.


Peachy pink undertone.


Light pink undertone.


Heavy pink undertone

How to wear

Miami and Vixen is a cheeky nudey lip colour that goes on easily with different outfits. Whilst Kandy, is more of a colour that gives a POP. If you want your lips to be main attention and be extra girly for the day/night time, this is definitely the right shade for you.

I suggest you purchase a brown lip liner and make it a combo with these baddies, honestly it will change your life.

PS. if you believe the glosses could use a bit more shine, you can always apply a clear lip gloss on top. It adds on and compliments to the pigmentation of the glosses really well.

(Head over to simani.collection on Instagram for client pictures).


Packaging and Delivery

Another aspect of the Collection that I love is the packaging. Pretty lip glosses wrapped in pretty packaging, is the right way to do it. The package is fully pink with the brand name written on the box, providing a girly and simplistic experience for the customers (whilst making me feel like a babe).

Delivery service is great, as soon as I placed my order I received all three glosses in about 2 days.

Lip gloss - £7,99

Delivery - £2,99

Instagram: simani.collection

Owner: _michellesan



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Fabulous review sis, keep it up girl❤️❤️❤️

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