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Amina Skin & Beauty Review!

Now, we all love a good review on products especially on skin care. And here you are ready to see what products you may have to buy today. But first thank you to Amina Skin & Beauty for gifting these products to The Beauty Room.

Amina’s story

Amina Skin & Beauty started of creating each product at home and due to her seeing results and receiving positive feedback decided it was time to share and sell her products. Their aim is to ensure customers feel comfortable in their skin, embrace every imperfection and see it as perfection.

JoJo Face Serum


· vitamins E and B;

· lightweight; and

· non- greasy

I recently broke out on my cheeks and was in search for a serum that would help control my breakouts whilst fading my marks. I’m so happy that Amina sent me this as part of my care package. JoJo Face serum is an oil I needed and has numerous benefits, as it helps nourishes my skin after cleansing and before moisturising. Especially for these cold winter days, as it gives me enough moisture to protect me from these harsh weathers. The serum is light weight and not greasy and absorbs quickly which is helpful to my acne prone skin.

I’ve been using this serum for almost 2 months and I can say, I’ve seen improvements in my skin as I’m left with a glow.

Coco Sundae


· free from mineral oils,

· parabens, sulfates, paraffin; and

· petroleum etc.

Coco Sundae is a bit of me, honestly. It’s mixed in with Vitamin E oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, vanilla Butter and of course Cocoa butter. These ingredients cater to my skin so well, as it gives my skin enough moisture to overcome these cold days and nights. The whipped butter is soft and melts onto my skin whilst giving out a lovely vanilla and chocolate scent.

Lemon Sherbet Face Bar, exfoliating face bar


· even skin tone;

· exfoliate; and

· rich lather

In order to target my dark marks and fading the areas on my skin. I use the Face Bar soap 2/3x a week to assist in exfoliating my skin, as I do find the bar can be a tad harsh when using it daily. Lemon is a natural ingredient with healing properties and healthy benefits such as decreasing oil in the skin and help lighten aged spots and acne scars which is why I believe I was sent this soap bar. But be aware, lemon has a low PH Level making it very acidic and can cause skin irritation. As a result, I only tend to use it maximum 3x a week to avoid any skin irritation or further drawbacks. But, after cleansing, I do enjoy the finishing touch, as it leaves my face cleansed and refreshed.

I was even complimented and told my skin was “soft” which I love because who’s trying to have dry and dead skin? Not me boy looooool

Overall thoughts

I’m in love with these skin care products and I’ll be a returning customer to invest in each one. They’ve all assisted in enhancing my skin care routine, as they’ve played a part in protecting my skin from harsh environments. Recently, I’ve noticed when I wear makeup my T Zone is in much more control, and this may be due to the JoJo Face Serum. The lightweight formulae and strong qualities helped to allow my makeup to last more during the day or night.

You can find Amina Skin and Beauty on

Thank you for reading and see you on my next post. Don’t forget to read my latest post on Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder in shade Honey.

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