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A few days ago TBR posted a morning skin care routine.

Now, here I am wanting to give you a more in-depth explanation for why I use these products.

My skin is the oily type, and my main goal is to fade my marks and blemishes. As I shamelessly used to be a pimple popper, I can hear you all saying ewww - fight me then...

The products stated below are in order of my daily routine. Please be aware to do further research if you’re still unsure, I don't want to get blamed for things I don’t have control over cause I’ll be the next shaggy, it wasn’t me.

Here we go ...

Face wash


Clean and Clear Brightening Face Scrub

Price: £2.99

Purchased: Savers

Black soap

Price: N/A

Purchased: Nigeria (but can be bought from an African/Asian shop)

Why did I purchase this product?

My aim was to find a cleanser that was gentle and had qualities that will make my face as soft as a baby's bottom lol.

Both products were purchased with the aim to cleanse and assist in fading these stubborn dark marks. Each product gently exfoliates, energises and brightens my skin.

*FYI when i say ’brightens’ I mean it gives a glow we dont bleach round here - as my bestfriend would say "no bleach pon mi cheeks".

What does it do?

Both products assist with my aim, as it has substances that help fade your marks over time. I mostly use the clean & clear face wash daily whilst using black soap every other day, as I find it a bit harsher.

*For my wash routine I use either of these products depending on how I feel. For example, if I just want to switch up my facial routine or if one of the other has ran out.

Face Mask

Brightening Black Clay Mask

Price: £16.50

Purchased @ The Glow Pot

Why did I purchase this product?

It's enriched with black clay with essential oils including Vitamin E and acts as a skin brightening element. Whilst a black clay mask helps cleanse the skin of dirt and excess oils.

What does it achieve?

I Use it 3 times a week and it’ll purify your face whilst fading away your dark spots and blemishes and gives my face a glow. It removes toxins from skin and has antibacterial properties effective for healing any skin conditions.


Clean & Clear blackhead clearing cleanser

Price: £2.95

Purchased @ Savers

Why did I purchase this product?

Due to my oily skin, it results me in always getting blackheads and spots.

I decided to buy this as it removes oil, dirt and dead cells. I needed a cleanser that'll be gentle for everyday use and this right here does the trick.

What does it achieve?

It removes dirt buildup and reduces my spots and blackheads from reoccurring.


Miaflora Witch Hazel

Price: £6.59

Purchased @ Holland & Barret

Why did I purchase this product?

I needed a cleanser that has toning qualities. It also has natural elements with first aid uses such as helping soothe irritations, bites bruises and cuts.

What does it achieve?

It helps soothe my face irritations and helps brighten my dark marks.


Vitamin E SPF 15 Radiance moisture cream

Price: £3.49

Purchased @ Superdrug

Why did I purchase this product?

As my aim is to fade my dark marks - using SPF is an important routine to use. As its still winter season, I decided to go with SPF15 (I'll go up to 30/50 during summer). It's said to provide 12-hour mositurisation and helps protect your skin agains the sun's UVB rays

What does it achieve?

It has a lovely texture with the added bonus of SPF. It goes on smoothly and gives me soft radiance and glow (as it has bits of glitter) to my face with the right amount of moisture.

Clean & Clear Dual Action moisturiser (oil-free)

Price: £2.99

Purchase @ Savers

Why did I purchase this product?

I was recommended to get this moisturiser as it's oil-free because of my oily skin which is prone to spots. It's said to have spot-fighting ingredients to help prevents spots and blemishes.

What does it achieve?

A small amount goes a long way! The moisturiser is light, not greasy and feels amazing whilst on. It has definetly helped to reduce my oiliness and control my spot breakouts. I feel its powers working when I'm left with a tingly sensations after a few seconds.


Dr. Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Maximum strength

Price: £2.99 (was 5.99)

Why did I purchase this product?

Aloe Vera is said to repair the skin as it has amazing qualities.

What does it achieve?

It has helped to control my excessive oil and soothes my skin. It also assist in fading my dark marks and blemishes.

Facial oil

Vitamin E Skin Oil

Price: £3.49

Purchased @ Superdrug

Why did I purchase this product?

During the cold winter my face started to dry up and I believed it was because of the weather. I decided to get this oil as it's said to protect the skin and shield against the environment.

What does it achieve?

It keeps my face moisturised and helps fade my marks. However, after application it does leave a dewy oil finish - so I make sure to apply the tiniest drop.


For my skincare video here’s the link -

Thank you for reading Roomies! if you do have any questions do not hesitate to ask. I may even do a cheeky giveaway on these skincare products.



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