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What’s all the hype surrounding Black Opal New Formula: deluxe finishing powder?

For years, I have used the Mac finishing powder, NC45 to be exact. I wanted a to try a drugstore option with a different type of formula that could work for my skin type (oil). First, I saw a thread on Twitter and a girl mentioned Black Opal to be a good oil control powder and then my friend Gucci, suggested it to me too; and said she’s been using this for awhile and loved it. So, I proceeded with my own research to see if It was worth my time and it was, it really was Roomies.

Now lets bend our backs and dig it into my review *plays - Unknown T* loooool

Black Opal is a loose powder that comes in 4 shades:

1. Neutral light


3. Dark

4. Deep

These shades cater to different skin tones, so finding a shade suitable for your skin tone shouldn’t be too difficult.

As I previously used Mac NC45, I believe the shade Medium to be the right one for me. if you’re a similar colour to me, I believe Medium will be suitable for you too but just double check ofc.


It has oil absorbing ingredients to minimise shine through out the day. The pigmentation of the powder ensures your skin isn’t left dull or ashy.

Does it live up to its purpose?

Personally, it does. As an individual with oily T-zone area, the finishing powder gives me a long lasting, velvety-matte finish. I don’t touch up as much, as I did with my Mac powder.


I will describe the cover to be light. As I haven’t got much blemishes this isn't too much of an issue for me. Yet, with my Mac I did enjoy the amount of coverage I gained with my NC45 as I could wear it with or without foundation. This is where you personally make a decision, do you mind not having much coverage or is that a priority?

However, if your sole purpose is to use it just as a finishing powder and nothing else this is still worth your money.

Can I use it to set under my eye or is it just a finishing powder?

Yes, depending on your skin tone, if you like a light or natural looking under eye or if you prefer both. I set my under eyes with Sacha Buttercup and then use this on top, brushing it of with my powder brush.


Ohh sis, I know flashback is definitely one of the main issues us sisters struggle with today.

Round here we don’t like flashbacks, and I’ll tell you this powder does its job -I mean I haven’t personally endured in flashbacks with this powder. Thumbs up from me aha x

Price: £9.99

This can be purchased online or at a hair shop.

I would say to Purchase it in person to give you a better visualisation of the shades.


I love love this powder, I enjoy it’s versatility as it allows me to dust of my baking powder without making it look too cakey but instead providing a natural look, whilst confidently using it as a finishing powder without the thought of flashbacks.

Black Opal new formula powder is definitely a drugstore item to have, if you’re a makeup junky or even just starting out.

Picture below to show you the truth, no cakeyness or flashbacks visible x

Any further question, please don't hesitate to interact with me on the gram: @thebeautyroomm_



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