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It's that season: #RevolutionBeautySplendourBronzer Review

Here I am with another anticipated #RevolutionBeautySplendourbronzer

TBR had to jump on the wave; better late than never.

A bronzer is used to create a warm and natural radiance. It warms up the dimension of your face where the sun naturally hits. For the summer, you should have a go to bronzer as part of your makeup routine.

A Matte Bronzer gives a natural finish, creates a natural definition to our features.

A bit of background on how I stumbled across on these babies.

I was scrolling on twitter, I saw a post published by two ladies @wsa195 and @Afroglory_ who confirmed they influenced the creation of the matte Splendour bronzers. They saw a gap in the UK market and an opportunity to include deep rich shades for dark/deeper skin tones in the beauty industry.

I’m actually glad that the beauty industry is starting to consider and include a wider shade for brown/dark skinned people. It took Fenty Beauty to deliver multiple shades that were wide-ranging to all for industries to take inclusivity seriously. I’ve also noticed that there are only a handful of bronzers that cater to black people and right now it’s laughable, as I can only name Cover girl, Fenty and only recently, Revolutionbeauty. Also, can we talk about how brands double the prices of their bronzers when catering to dark skinned babes?

Although, it would’ve been nice to have had this product like 5 years ago … I’m glad Revolution introduced an affordable product as a dupe for high-end brands.

The Glow Splendour Bronzers come in six shades



Medium dark



Deep dark

The glowy powders is covered in a beautiful rose gold packaging and has a mirror with a large pan (15.5 g) infused with a coconut and pineapple fragrance. The matte bronzers are versatile as it’s used both for face and body bronzing.

The shade Medium would be a subtle bronze for my skin but instead, I purchased dark as I wanted a shade with a warm, reddish undertone. As we are unable to go on holiday this summer because of Aunty CORO, I needed a bronzer that would give me a holiday glow, okurrr.

For a contour shade, I would opt for the shade deep due to its cold undertone qualities. However, as of late I’ve stopped contouring and instead use bronzers as my go to. My favourite quality of the bronzer is the pigment! As a brown skinned babe, I usually find some products not as defining due to the lack of pigment. This has made me appreciate the product even more and love the pigmentation, as the shade comes out easily and effortlessly on my skin. But, there is a lot of kickback from the product.

Choosing the right shade

First, you need a shade darker than your natural skin tone - matching your undertone to the your right shade.

Warm undertones may consider a reddish bronzer;

Cool undertones may consider a bronzer with pink undertones; and

Neutral undertones may use a bronzer in between warm and cool.


I look better in gold Jewellery than silver. My veins appear to be green and in the sun my skin usually tans = a warm undertone.

Overall, I’m very happy with this bronzer and it’ll be my go-to alongside my Cover girl, Ebony bronzer. For £8 this is definitely a must have and a needed bronzer especially if you’re a beginner and want to practice. Also, let's thank Revolutionbeauty for not being stingy with the size of the product!

Cruelty-free & Vegan £8


Thank you for reading Roomies until next time - make sure to stay safe!


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