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Eyelashes review 😛

Roomies! I am back (well semi) and ready for the summer. I want to thank REINEBEAUTYUK for sending in these products from their iReine Collection - shows how much they value my personal reviews.

Let’s get into it! Back with another one *Dj Khaleds voice*. I have previously posted an eyelashes review but I’m here with a different vendor that’ll need your attention. YOU can never have enough eyelashes as they all come in different shapes and sizes - amazing for any occasions.


Currently, they have an iReine Collection that provides extra flair and volume. Each lash has a double layer to cross hair designs with a thin dark band to intensify our eyes. iReine lashes live to provides provide great quality as all of the lashes can be worn up an to 15 times (depending on how well you take care of them!)

iReine Collection


I have worn Zhani 3-4 x and on each occasion the quality still remains as good as new.

The thickest, fluffiest and boldest from the collection. Zhani is best for a night time look, as it provides the best amount of volume. Zhani is tapered and provides a criss cross design complimenting the sharpness at the end of each lash.

Zhani is definitely my favourite out of the iReine Collection, as it gives out a statement and attracts the right amount of attention to my oval eyes.

Price: £8


I have worn Thalia 1 x and the quality still remains intact.

The lightest out of the collection, suitable for a natural look with or without makeup during the day time. Thalia is fluffy but does not give out as much volume in comparison to Zhani and Milan. Thalia is slightly grouped together, displaying a bolder and fuller look. The grouping of each eyelash is quite simple and doesn’t provide much drama to the eye.

Thalia is my least favourite from the iReine Collection which explains why I’ve only worn it 1x. I like my lashes to create an exciting look and Thalia doesn’t do that for me as much as the other two lashes.

Price: £6


I have worn Milan 2x and the quality has stayed the same.

Milan starts of light from the outer corner and ends up heavier on both ends. Milan is a wispier lash than Thalia, and aims to provide a cat eye effect. Suitable for a night or day time experience.

Milan is my second pair of favourite lashes from the iReine Collection.

Price: £9


These lashes are stored in a white and rose rectangle box with a cute message “Behold the power of perfect lashes”. The box displays itself as a window giving you instant access to decide what lashes you desire for a specific occasion. ReineBeautyUK packaging is my favourite, especially because the detail and colours compliment the logo so beautifully.

IG: iReinebeautyUK

Delivery: standard - £2.99 | signed - £3.99


Roomies! Thank you for the continuous support. Make sure to like, comment and follow TBR on Instagram: @thebeautyroomm_ or email for any further informations. Keep your eyes open for a potential giveaway to Mark TheBeautyRoom 1 year birthday!



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